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NCSU Students Design Solution for School Access

Walking and biking to school is popular at Northwoods Elementary in Cary. Every day, scores of children and parents can be seen walking between the school and the surrounding apartments and single-family homes. A local greenway runs alongside the school property and connects to the rest of the town’s greenway system. However, a tall concrete … Read more...


Courteous Cycling

The issue of courtesy often comes up when bicyclists discuss traffic, especially when motorists are part of the conversation. Most bicyclists want to be respectful of others and to set a good example. However, different assumptions, experiences and knowledge about traffic bicycling can result in different opinions of what this means. This article … Read more...

2014 Summit 1

2014 Summit Wrap-Up

The third annual North Carolina Bike Summit was held October 9 – 12 in Greensboro. BikeWalk NC partnered with many groups in Greensboro to put on the summit. Laura Peoples, with Bicycling in Greensboro and Suzanne Williams, with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro headed the planning committee. They did a wonderful job pulling […]